Evidence and Methods Lab


Meet the


Michael Richard Katagaya

Team leader

Michael is a learning, monitoring & evaluation specialist with 8 years experience.

Henry Kiragga

Director of Statistics and Analytics

Henry is a statistics & analytics specialist with 10 years of professional work experience.

Isaac Musoke

Research Associate and Social Innovations Leader

With a Master of Arts in Development Studies and Advanced Postgraduate Training in Development Evaluation under his belt.

Adrian Aturinda

Creative Director

A design in communication expert. He has 10 years in creative design in communication. He heads our team of graphics designers and illustrators.

Fred Muliisa

Finance Director

An FCCA with 10 years specialized experience in internal control systems, external and internal auditing techniques, financial reporting ,analysis, budgeting and strategy.

Godwin Toko

Research Associate

3 years experience as a lawyer and researcher, with a bias in democracy ,rule of law and political accountability.

Ruth Aber

Legal Officer

Holds a Pg. Dip in Legal Practice with a 4 year experience in the legal sector. She delights in offering legal information and advice while advocating for social justice.

Ruth Nalunkuuma

Communications Officer

With 3 years of experience in project coordination, providing support to management in analysis functions and implementation of projects. Her expertise extends to effective communication.

Gerald Kyebayiga


An Accountant with 5 years experience, holds a degree in Accounting and Finance, ACCA certification, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation Administration.

Michelle Dhikusooka

Graduate Trainee

Michelle is a sociologist with a passion of turning ideas into actions to positively change society. As a project writer, she is dedicated to make a positive impact through her work.

Isaac Tom Okiria


Design thinker & illustrator with  4 years experience as an illustration consultant. He helps the team with visual concepts that complement design to enable effective communication.

Calvin Ssebanakita

Lead Animator

Expertise in illustration, character designs, drawing and animation.

Ephraim Kiryankusa

Product Designer

Expertise in Communication & Advertising Design | Data visualization | UX Writing | UI Design | user journeys.

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