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Evidence And Methods Lab (EML) has undertaken several projects with the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). These include a grant under the Justice Accelerator program to develop products and services improving access to justice, a proposal for a webinar series to train Ugandan Civil Society Organizations in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and contracts to develop monitoring tools and conduct tutorials to advance justice solutions. Each initiative showcases EML's commitment to enhancing justice through innovative, data-driven approaches and capacity-building educational programs.


The project focused on empowering marginalized and discriminated groups in society. EML contributed by providing research, data visualization, and strategic communication activities, thereby amplifying the voices of the less heard and fostering societal change. The goal was Empowered youth, equipped with sufficient knowledge to adopt and demand for social development support; improved livelihood of Youth living in rural, peri-urban and urban environments, better reception and conception of government social development programs by youth and other special groups; more transparency and accountability in government programmes targeting youth.


Under a framework agreement between 2017 and 2023 partnered with GLISS to deliver various projects aimed at producing material for engaging various stakeholders.


The project involved using civic technology to address COVID-19 challenges, particularly focusing on Uganda's youth. EML adopted its specialized work cycle for data visualization, aiming to present COVID-19 information in an engaging, visually appealing format. The strategy targeted the youth's role in public engagement, leveraging digital platforms to enhance their participation and awareness. EML's expertise was pivotal in simplifying complex data, ensuring the content was accessible and effectively communicated to empower the youth in community response efforts against the pandemic. This project also helped to counter disinformation during the pandemic.

GIZ Uganda

Needs Assessment for Citizen Engagement Application for 5 SAIs in Africa.


Evidence and Methods Lab partnered with Accountability Lab and Siasa Place to develop a virtual accountability incubator that supported young change-makers in Kenya and Uganda to develop new ideas to build accountability into the COVID-19 response . The incubator was a platform for innovation, collective action, and ecosystem-building that could evolve over time into the leading support mechanism for the next generation of civil society leaders in the region. The Lab piloted the incubator itself, which included outreach and applications, selections, incubator delivery, learning and impact, building "unlikely networks," and dissemination .


Purpose was to  develop abridged or condensed versions of the National Youth Policy of 2016; the National Action Plan on Youth Employment (NAPYE); the National Strategy for ending Child marriage & Teenage Pregnancy (NSCM&TP); the National Youth Manifesto (2021-2026); and the National Strategy for Youth Employment in Agribusiness (NSYEA) to the youth.


With support from the Internet Society Foundation, Evidence And Methods Lab is conducting an action research aimed at expanding the use of the internet to improve responsiveness to citizens, service delivery, and stewardship of resources by Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments.

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