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Welcome to, Evidence and Methods lab

We are a civic-tech initiative. We simplify, visualize and share information on transparency, accountability and social justice.

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Evidence and Methods lab

We envision a world where all research findings are shared more efficiently and through the utilization of the evolving technological platforms and where organizations are employing cutting-edge approaches and methods to generate evidence and to learn from their work

Our mission is to support organizations that generate research evidence by packaging findings into appropriate formats that enable users to easily access and utilise as well facilitate conversations on methods that work in generating evidence

We have the drive of INNOVATION and the power of IMMAGINATION, DISRUPTION, COLLABORATION and SIMPLICITY that is all desirable.

Evidence and Methods Lab is a civic technology initiative working in the areas of access to information, accountability and collating what works in generating evidence.

How we work


We breakdown huge volumes of data and insights for public consumption


We turn data into creatively designed formats that appeal to audiences


We work with partners to distribute infographics on various channels.


We support partners to assess the reach, quality of outputs, and gather feedback.

We're always looking for talent

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